Sunday, Monday, Birthday!

My January is usually filled with self-reflection, planning, writing.  These days we can add blog writing, website maintenance (how overdue is that?!) and general scheming to create an on-line presence that may eventually (soon? please?) result in something like income.

As I cruise toward my mid-60’s I do begin? to wonder if income can ever be generated by me for creative work. I’ve already spent something like 40 years trying. Clearly it isn’t working. Yet.

You might wonder why I continue to hope that I can create income from my own work. I believe the word in the polite version is ‘determination’. The not so polite versions: bloody-minded and damn stubborn.  Notice I said ‘hope’, not believe.  That may be the problem.

I have the business sense of a turnip.  That may also be a problem. What I am a firm believer in is if I build it, you’ll show up and maybe spend $5. Umm, suppose I need to create something you can spend your $5 on, eh?  It’s in the works me hearties….

Meanwhile I have a birthday to celebrate and a new year to scheme and dream for.  Wish me luck?


My cunning plan

Somewhere I have a very cunning plan. I believe it is stored in the back of my mind, possibly behind my book trivia file, or buried under all those little useless tidbits that clutter up one’s mind.

I’m in hot pursuit of my cunning plan and that appears not to be working. Apparently I must exercise a more subtle approach, though of course there’s no hint as to what constitutes subtle in this case.

Onward. Knitward.

If the cunning plan continues to be elusive I will knit myself into the sofa. Not a good thing, even if it does feel relatively productive most days.

So, cunning plan? Think you could surface soon so I can bask in your glow?  Truly, it would be much appreciated.